Trio-Tech XD Theater

Year: 2004
Manufacturer: Trio-Tech
Name: XD Theater – 10 seat
Model: Park
Condition: Very Good
Pricing: $80,000  $60,000  BEST OFFER 
Details: 2004, 10 seat theater significantly updated in 2012.  Included with attraction are Motion Seats, Films, 3d Glasses, Projector Screen, Fans, Strobe, Sound system, computer.  Attraction needs a pair of projectors and may also need video card. Computer outputs in SVGA, but newer projectors use HDMI or DVI. Films are rendered for SVGA.  Nearly all motors were replaced in 2012, some newer. Fans and strobes added in 2012. The computer uses XP Pro.  Maintenance logs exist from 2012-2019.  Attraction has not operated since 2019.

Movies Included: Aqua Ride, Arctic Run, Canyon Coaster, Cosmic Coaster, Dino Safari, Haunted Mine, Journey Thru The Center Of The Earth.

Immediate Availability

Dimensions of Attraction: Theater needs at least 19′ x 23 ‘. Needs a booth at least 4’x6’.

Power Supply Needed:  Dedicated full panel of 240V 125A.

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