1906 Herschell-Spillman Carousel

Manufacturer: Herschell-Spillman Engineering
Name: Carousel
Model: Park Mount
Condition: Very Good
Pricing: $229,000
Details: 28 figures & 2 chariots – all wooden, Last Operated at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Entire ride in storage. Machine is in need of restoration, must most figures are in refurbished condition (see photos), 40 ft. diameter / 38 ft. tall, new platforms made of white oak, Non-babbitt bearings (greased) oil impregnated nylon bearings (no grease), Original transmission, Wood clutch, no fluid drive. Some sweeps are new with entire machine in process of being fully rehabbed.
Historical Info: The Herschell-Spillman Engineering portable Carousel was built in or around 1906 in North Tonawanda, NY. The Carousel’s menagerie animals include a pair of pigs, dogs, frogs, 4 roosters, 4 zebras, 16 horses and 2 chariots. It still has the original transmission and wooden clutch and is one of only three 16 sweep 40’ Carousel’s ever produced, of which only two remain. The carousel was located in Cheektowaga, NY, from 1906-1956. Then it was bought by one of the original carvers of the carousel to restore in his retirement and was put into storage for 20 years. The Abbott family of Michigan restored this beautiful 28 animal, two chariots, carousel in 1976 as a family bicentennial project. The carousel was then sold to Richard Knight in 1981 and installed in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. The Carousel was an integral historic and family friendly attraction at the Inner Harbor for 31 years located between the Maryland Science Center and Rash Field. Carousel census information as well as additional pictures can be found on the National Carousel Association website: http://carousels.org/psp/Baltimore/

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