“Who is IRM?”
IRM is an amusement ride, equipment brokerage and consultant company established in 1989 by industry veterans James Palmer and B. Peter Zwickau. IRM brokers new and used classic, family, and vintage rides and equipment. The company also offers Ride, Food & Beverage, and Game Operations consulting as well as a wide range of Maintenance/Engineering Services.

“Why IRM?”
At IRM, we offer a wide range of cost-effective services to help you make the ride decisions about amusement rides, equipment, services, and products. IRM recognizes that even purchasing a small used ride represents a capital investment. That is why IRM is here to help you get the most mileage out of your money. We want to protect you from overspending and make the right decisions for your park, market and budget.

“What Services does IRM Offer?”
IRM has an extensive background of helping in ride acquisition, liquidation, relocation, installation, inspections, appraisals, maintenance and engineering services. In addition, our staff offers consulting on all areas of park operations and training from Food & Beverage to Ride Operations. If IRM is unable to help you, we will direct you to experts who will.

“Who does IRM conduct business with”
IRM has a wide range of clients within the amusement and entertainment industry ranging from small-large sized amusement parks, theme parks, and companies. Since 2003, IRM has largely conducted business with independent and family owned/operated facilities and businesses, helping them make cost-effective decisions that fit their budgets and timeframes.

“How do I contact IRM?”
You may contact us via email at info@irmrides.com or by phone at 609-425-1220.

“What Inventory Are Your Clients Looking For?”
Our clients look for a wide range of used and new rides and equipment for their facility and or business. IRM has formed relationships over the years to assist in master planning, technical service, and the offering of new rides from manufacturers Premier Rides, Larson International, and Swannee River Railroad. We also offer new themed and custom designed shooting galleries from Pan-Amusements that can be built for all spaces.

“I am Looking for a Specific Ride, can IRM help me?”
Yes, IRM can certainly help you with your search and are glad you asked! IRM has and will retain a client ‘wishlist’ of any ride, game, food, and or general park equipment if sent to us. If you are looking for a specific attraction and one becomes available through IRM, you can be sure you will be contacted before the attraction is marketed to anyone else. This is one way IRM keeps our commitment to you.

“How Can I List My Equipment With IRM?”
IRM is honored to work with any client at any time. To list your equipment with IRM, all you need to do is visit the Sell Your Equipment page or contact us by email at info@irmrides.com informing us you are interested in listing your equipment.