Sell Your Equipment

If you’re planning to sell an amusement ride, game, food or general park equipment, look no further than IRM. We have sold used amusement rides and equipment to and for amusement parks, theme parks, family entertainment centers, circuses, fairs, carnivals, and shows. Thanks to our extensive experience, IRM makes the selling process easy.

We understand the selling process can be difficult, but rest assured that IRM will do its best in marketing your equipment to our clients throughout the amusement industry.

Please complete the survey by clicking on the photo below if you are interested in selling your used equipment with IRM. Please send all photographs of the ride and or equipment to

If you are interested in filling out a physical copy so that IRM can list your equipment, please email us:

Thank you for your interest in IRM. Please note, IRM is a broker and not the seller/owner of any of the equipment we list. Therefore, IRM is not responsible for any misrepresentation by the seller. The buyer of equipment agrees to purchase the equipment on the the seller’s terms.